How can I send a message or analyze my users based off of Survey responses?

For historical use only - Mixpanel Mobile Surveys were deprecated in March 2017 and are no longer supported

Mixpanel Survey answers are not automatically accessible outside of the Surveys report. However, it is possible to manually store responses as People Properties in order to conduct further analysis on Surveys and the users that complete them. Doing so will also allow you to send messages based on users’ Survey responses.

To do so, you’ll need to export Mixpanel Survey responses and reupload them as People Properties to the relevant People Profiles:

  1. Create a CSV export of the Survey results you’d like to analyze.
  2. Modify the CSV file to include each user’s distinct_id and People Properties for particular answers.
  3. Upload the CSV to add those People Properties to the profiles you’ve included (by distinct_id) in the CSV.