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The most powerful analytics to understand how people use your app or website. Choose from any of our pricing plans that work to fit you as you grow.

$ 0 /mo
20M data points per month

Unlimited projects

Limited core reports

60 day data history

3 members / project

A/B Testing

Two-factor authentication

Billed monthly

Sample Mixpanel's core analytics and see if it is right for your business.

$ 999 /yr
Starting at
10M data points per year

Everything in Free plus

Limited core reports

12 month data history

10 members / project

Unlimited saved reports

Predictive analytics

Billed annually

Power your business with access to Mixpanel's full analytics platform.

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Everything in Startup plus

Unlimited data history

Premium support

Roles and permissions

Single sign-on

Professional services

Customer success manager

Billed annually

Custom plans and services for companies that operate at scale.

Reports & Analytics
Choose Plan
Choose Plan
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2 filter levels
2 filter levels
Learn which users are most likely to convert, before they do.
Custom events
Define custom user actions using existing events and properties.
Up to 1
Up to 15
2 filter levels
Behavioral cohorts
Live view
View your events as they happen in real-time.
A/B testing
Combine and filter your events arithmetically.
Custom Apps
Use Mixpanel’s platform to develop custom reports and visualizations based on data.
1 app
3 apps
15 apps
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Data Access & Implementation
Autotrack collects everything so you can track anything automatically, without a developer.
Import & export APIs
Use Mixpanel’s powerful APIs to insert event data into your project or export data for further analysis.
Data history
Last 60 days
Last 12 months
Last 10 years
Codeless implementation
Point and click editor that allows you to quickly track events without code changes.
Powerful JavaScript query language you can use to complete complex analysis of your data in fewer lines of code.
Raw data export
Mobile dashboards
CSV export
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Administration & Security
Number of projects
Saved reports
Up to 5
Number of team members
Two-factor authentication
Hide events or properties
Avoid menu clutter by hiding outdated or deprecated events or properties.
Roles & permissions
SAML-based single sign-on (SSO)
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Support & Services
Standard support
Weekdays 9am–5pm PT
Weekdays 9am–5pm PT
Weekdays 12am–5pm PT
Live chat support
30 days
90 days
Guided onboarding & implementation
Available add-on
Customer Success Manager (CSM)
Available add-on
Premium support
Available add-on
Professional services
Available add-on
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Why add People Analytics?

A people plan provides access to additional features


Customizable people profiles

Build rich, customized profiles of your users to help you better understand their behaviors.


Activity feed

See what people do while using your product, both before and after they sign up.


Notifications and messaging

Use email, SMS, and push notifications to drive users back into your product.


Predictive analytics

Identify users most likely to convert and send notifications to nudge them in the right direction.

Frequently asked questions

What is a data point?

A data point is counted every time you track an event with Mixpanel. Each event (a song play, user comment, or step in a funnel) will count as a data point. They are like tracking credits.

What's the difference between monthly and annual plans?

Customers on monthly plans prepay for their data on the 1st of each month. Prepaid data does not roll over to the next month. Customers on annual plans prepay for data for the entire year, but have the flexibility to spread data point usage over a year instead of month to month.

What if I go over my prepaid monthly or annual data point amount?

We do not stop collecting your data. Once you have finished using your prepaid data point amount you will be charged our à la carte rate (20% above our normal plan rates) for each additional data point you send to us through the end of your billing period.

What do you mean by data history limits? Are you deleting my data?

While we store all data sent to us by our customers, we do limit the length of time in the past a customer can query this data on some of our plans. Upgrading your account will provide access to more historical data.

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